Make Your Property Safer with Security Grilles Installation in London


You can't eliminate risk, but you can do a lot to reduce it. Ask Wayne's Locksmiths for installation of security grilles at your London property and you'll immediately make your premises a less appealing target to thieves or vandals.

Advice and Supply or Installation Only of Security Shields

  • Book a site survey and get expert advice on the best solutions for your needs
  • Purchase screens, bars or grilles at competitive rates
  • Repair of existing security grilles is also offered
  • Fast response services are available in an emergency
  • Any products supplied and all labour is backed by guarantee

Finding the Right Security Grilles for Your London Premises

Grilles and screens can be used to protect doors or windows, some of the common options include:

Security grilles - Fitted externally or internally, with a choice of upward rolling or side opening options. Grilles can be selected to give a functional, no-nonsense appearance, or can be designed to be ornamental without lessening the protection they offer

Burglar bars - Classically these are fitted to ground floor windows to eliminate the possibility of them being used as access points. Bars may be fully fixed or designed to be removable at need with the appropriate key or tool.

Enhancing frame security - A 'Birmingham bar' fitted to the hinge side of an inward opening door gives additional strength to hinges, while 'London bars' are fitted over the strike plate to ensure that the door can't be kicked in or otherwise forced to gain access.

Specialist applications - For the highest security possible you may need ballistic or blast resistance. Ask your security expert about this or any other specific needs and they'll work with you to come up with the right system for your circumstances.

Taking Things Further

  • Call us anytime for an immediate quote on installation services
  • Planned installations and site surveys are bookable seven days a week
  • Same-day services are available for emergency repairs

What You Should Know About Wayne's Locksmiths's Security Experts

Any work done in connection with your security grilles in London will be completed by a background-checked individual. Your technician will also be someone with extensive experience in this specific area, and is fully competent enough to advise on and undertake new installations or repair your existing grilles.