A Recommended Open Safe Service for London


Wayne's Locksmiths's open safe services in London are delivered by experienced, careful professionals with the tools and skills needed to get your locked box open in the gentlest possible manner.

The Easy Way to Get Your Locked Safe Open

  • Use this service for commercial vaults or domestic safes
  • Both electronic and mechanical safes serviced
  • Your technician will use non-damaging methods to open the unit wherever possible
  • Or, when you're in a rush, request the fastest means possible to get the safe open

What Happens During Your Safe Opening Service in London

Your technician will start by assessing the safe in question and the reason why you're locked out. Some common problems and their remedies include:

Forgotten combination - Manipulation techniques can be used, or depending on the safe, a factory default code may be available

Lost or broken keys - Broken keys will be retrieved. The lock can be 'picked'. Depending on the model, your locksmith may be able to produce a duplicate key.

Flat batteries in electronic safes - A replacement battery will resolve this one!

Forgotten passcodes for keypad safes - As a trained and registered locksmith, your assistant will have access to reset codes for many leading brands of safe.

When all else fails - If your safe is of a model where these fallback measures aren't available, or in the case of other, more difficult to resolve problems, your safe can be drilled out or otherwise opened so you have immediate access to the contents.

Once your safe is open - On your request, your locksmith will assess the safe, see if it can be reused or needs repairs. If you've lost confidence in your current unit, request advice on a new or refurbished replacement.

Book Urgent Help or Set Up a Convenient Appointment

  • Whatever help you need with your safe, call our 24/7 line for an immediate quote
  • Same-day services are available when you need the box opened urgently
  • Alternatively, arrange a weekday or weekend appointment at a time that suits your schedule

Trusted Safe Openers From Wayne's Locksmiths

Your open safe service in London will be completed by reference-vetted locksmiths. Your technician will also be someone with specialist training in safe, vault and lock box work, so they will have plenty of experience in resolving safe difficulties in the fastest and least damaging manner possible.