Why Broken Key Removal in London is No Problem


Maybe the metal in the key was weak, perhaps the lock was faulty. When you're stood outside your locked door, staring at your key stub it doesn't really matter anymore! What does matter is that Wayne's Locksmiths delivers broken key removal services in London quickly, and with a smile.

Getting Your Key Back - And Beyond

  • Key retrieval services are available around the clock, seven days a week.
  • Once the key is out, your locksmith will get the door open for you
  • Duplicate keys can be produced and any lock faults repaired
  • Use this service at your home or business
  • Key recovery services are available for door locks, windows, vehicles and locked fittings or furnishings too

Broken Key Retrieval and Follow On Services in London

Your emergency locksmith will arrive with all the tools needed to recover your key, and also the equipment and parts needed to deal with any problems arising as a result of the breakage. Your service could include any or all of the following steps:

Getting the key back - Easy enough with the right tools and a little professional know-how! And it's nearly always possible to remove the key without damaging the lock.

Assessing the locking mechanism - Your locksmith will be as interested in finding out why the key broke as you are. If the problem was down to a faulty lock, repairs or replacement can be completed.

Replacing keys - You might not need this, but if you do your locksmith should be able to produce fresh keys on the spot, as they carry key blanks for most common lock brands and types.

Getting a Price for Your Work and Booking a Locksmith

  • Call us anytime to get an immediate price for broken key removal
  • When you need an urgent service your locksmith will be with you in around 30 minutes
  • Request a meeting at a nearby location if you don't wish to wait outside your locked door
  • Arrange for non-urgent key removal any day of the week and at a time that suits your own schedule

Book Wayne's Locksmiths With Confidence

Your broken key removal in London will be attended to by a reference-vetted worker who'll arrive in a uniform, be carrying ID and driving a branded vehicle. All locksmiths are trained, certified and registered, so they have the skills required to deal with your key problems efficiently.