A Fast Call-Out Emergency Auto Locksmiths Service in London


When you don't want to wait by the roadside for a minute longer than you have to, make Wayne's Locksmiths your first choice for emergency auto locksmith services in London.

24/7 Call Outs for Car Lockouts

  • Our local team of vehicle security technicians work around the clock
  • Use this service for any common make or model of car or small van
  • Your technician will arrive in a vehicle which functions as a mobile workshop, and so can solve most common car lock problems at the roadside
  • Certified auto locksmiths will resolve mechanical or electronic lockouts and immobiliser problems too
  • Your technician can meet you at your vehicle or at a nearby safe location

Services Available from Your Emergency Auto Locksmith in London

Basically, if a lock problem is stopping from using your car, your technician comes to you, solves the problem and gets you back on the road. Common reasons for calling an auto locksmith include:

Lost or stolen keys - Your locksmith is generally able to produce a duplicate as they carry 'blanks' for most mechanical key types

Keys broken in the lock - It's possible to remove the key without damaging the cylinder and then produce a spare key

Electronic locking system problems - Sometimes it's just a case of replacing the battery in your key. In other cases, there may be a fault in the locking system. Your technician carries the equipment to fault-find and remedy many problems. They will also have access to factory 'reset codes' and can program a new key if you've lost your original.

Immobiliser problems - In many ways, these are similar to problems with electronic keys and are resolved using similar methods. Sometimes there are cunningly concealed reset mechanisms within the car. In other instances, the immobiliser will be reprogrammed.

When You Need Help Fast

  • Call anytime for an immediate quote
  • Your locksmith will be dispatched the moment you confirm you want a service
  • Response time isaround 30 minutes - sometimes less!

Carefully Vetted Emergency Auto Locksmiths from Wayne's Locksmiths

Security always matters, and maybe never more so than when you're stranded by the roadside, waiting for a stranger to help you. You may like to know that your auto locksmith in London is subject to DBS and other background checks. They'll arrive in a marked vehicle, be wearing a recognisable uniform and carry ID.