When You Need Access Control in London


When you want people who have the right to enter a building to be able to do so without hassle, and also want to know that unauthorised people are kept out, you need an access control system in London. Call Wayne's Locksmiths for some expert help and get the perfect solution for your specific circumstances.

Customised Security Systems Installed, Maintained and Repaired

  • Access control systems facilitate the smooth operation of a building whilst maintaining maximum security
  • Book a site visit and consultation for advice on new installations or upgrades
  • Both mechanical and electronic access controls supplied, installed, maintained and repaired
  • All work and any products supplied are fully guaranteed

Getting the Right Access Control System in London

Below you'll find a brief introduction to some of the more common access control systems. When you book an advice session you'll get professional assistance in selecting one that fits your needs:

Door entry systems - These are typically found in apartment blocks, a buzzer at the door alerts occupants that someone wants to come in. The lock is released from the inside.

Video or phone entry - Similar to door entry, but building occupants can speak to or see the person outside before releasing the lock.

Passkey systems - Occupants of specific rooms have a key that opens that room only. Trusted individuals have 'master keys' that open all the rooms.

Mechanical keypads - The lock is released by entering a passcode, eliminating the need for keys and the risk of them being lost.

Swipe cards - The card is inserted in a reader to release the lock. One advantage of swipe cards is that they can be programmed to be time limited.

Biometric systems - Fingerprint, voice activation or even retina scans can be used to release the lock. These systems can be reprogrammed to suit changing needs.

Taking the Next Step

  • Whatever you need with regard to access systems, use the same 24/7 contact number to get in touch with us
  • Same-day appointments are available for emergency repairs

Choosing an Access Control Specialist from Wayne's Locksmiths

Your work will be completed by a tradesman who's been through all the usual background checking procedures. Your engineer will also be someone with specialist knowledge in the field and has the competence needed to repair, maintain or install any sort of access control in London.